About Us

Founded in 2004, the Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute is dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding by offering training, consulting, hospitality and special events for corporations and by bringing Chinese language and culture programs to schools, libraries and the general public.

Our corporate clients include Fortune 500 companies and small to mid-sized companies doing business with China. Our customized programs improve communication between our clients and their partners, suppliers or customers.  We also supply solutions to entertain our international clients while visiting the United States by arranging tours, dinners, cruises, nights out, translation, transportation, etc.

Our general programs focus on bringing the most authentic Chinese arts to the public, young and old. Available programs include Kite-coloring, paper-cutting, woodblock printmaking, calligraphy and painting, Taichi, and musical and dance performances. Our popular Chinatown cultural tour program has brought tens of thousands of visitors to experience Chinese culture without having to fly to China.

The Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute has been featured in many prominent publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Time, ABC-7 Chicago, Crain’s Chicago Business, Time Out Chicago, and NPR.


Mission Statement:

The Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute is a professional services organization that facilitates cross-cultural exchange between the United States and China. We provide a plethora of services, ranging from cultural sensitivity training for corporations, China-ready tourism consulting to American attractions and destinations, and cultural activities to promote Chinese culture in the Greater Chicagoland area.