Corporate Services

The Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute offers a suite of high-level corporate services for companies and professionals that need assistance penetrating Chinese business and culture.

Available Services:

Cross-Cultural Training

Our team of professional cross-cultural trainers can prepare those assigned to work in China or those conversing with Chinese businessmen and women. Our training allows for a heightened cultural understanding, which allows for efficient work. Our training programs feature cultural difference comparisons, communicating effectively with the Chinese, Chinese values, Chinese etiquette, and current events and politics of China.

Call us to inquire about our special customizable 14-topic executive cultural briefing program. Each topic is a one-hour presentation. You choose the topics and time frame that works the best for you. We’ll work around your needs and schedule. Our native Chinese teachers can also offer various levels of Chinese language teaching. We can organize classes or provide individual tutoring to improve your language skills.

Tourism Consulting

Chinese tourists are the single greatest source of growth in the U.S. tourism market. By tapping into this market, Chicago’s elite organizations can share their products and culture with a wider audience.

For decades, CCCI has organized tours across American for Chinese private, professional and government groups. Our in-house team can use their expertise to help you both understand and attract Chinese consumers. Our consultants can go beyond cultural insight to assist you in organizing corporate events and high-level corporate or diplomatic entertainment.

CCCI provides tourism consulting services to a number of organizations including the Art Institute of Chicago and Kay Jewelers. Contact us to find out how we can tailor our services to meet your needs.


Our team of professional translators and interpreters will help you communicate more efficiently with your Chinese partners. We can translate documents, websites, or provide on-site in person translation.

If you frequently conduct business in Chinese, contact us to have your business cards translated into Chinese. We supply a turn-key service of translation, printing, and delivery of bilingual business cards to help you connect with your Chinese clients.

In addition to our work in planning events and conferences, we also provide professional, simultaneous bilingual translation.  Our team of translators can translate both Chinese and English, and provide immediate translation via headset, allowing events to proceed seamlessly and overcome any language barrier.

VIP hospitality

Here at CCCI, we provide hospitality services for business delegations from China. If you have a company visiting Chicago, allow us to organize hotels and restaurants that are sure to impress your Chinese guests. We can also provide Chinese language tours of Chicago to entertain your Chinese visitors. This service is handled under Spotlight Travels. See our website here: